Dams and Storage Reservoirs

  • Dams: Paltinu, Buftea, Pucioada, Maneciu, Varsolt, Salaj, Dridu, Berdu
  • Preparing of Feasibility Study for Bastora basin from Gamaspan to Greater Zab & Design of Weirs in suitable locations / Erbil Governorate-MoAWR/GDDR-Kurdistan- Iraq
  • Preparing of Feasibility Study and Design for Gunjren Dam in Sulaymania Governorate Mawat District , Erbil-Iraq


  • Regulation ofTisa River at remeti, Maramures county
  • Crisul Repede River Regulation, Bihor County


  • Draganesti Olt Diversion
  • High water diversion of Miulesti


  • Consolidation works of 2 Mai- Vama Veche cliss, Constanza county
  • Expansion of feasibility study for Protection and rehabilitation of Romanian seashore at Black Sea in Eforie- Center area, Constanza county


Water supply networks

  • Water supply centralized system, domestic waste water sewerage centralized system and waste water treatment plant, road refurbishment in the Posta and Balaceanca Localities within the Cernica Commune, Ilfov County
  • Rehabilitation and expansion of the water supply and sewerage systems in Giurgiu Municipality, Giurgiu County

Water treatment plants

  • Water sources and treatment plants in cities Scornicesti, Potcoava, Piatra Olt and Draganesti Olt, Olt county
  • Water supply and sewerage systems, waste water treatment plant in Branesti Commune, Ilfov County
  • Rehabilitation of Maneciu Water Treatment Plant for improving the technological process and increase the treatment capacity

Waste management

  • Building a centre for integrated waste management, including sorting plant station and leachate treatment station, at Rosiesti, within the project: “Integrated Solid Waste Management System in Vaslui county”
  • Construction of Balteni deposit in Olt county (stage i: cell 1 and auxiliary installations) and Design construction and commissioning the sorting station and the leachate treatment plant
  • Manure and domestic waste storage platforms


Irrigation systems

  • Detail design for refurbishment of interior irrigation development of plots 34, 37, 39 consisting of: pump units, hydro-mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and buried pipe networks serving areas of 1410 ha, 1892ha and respectively 1671 ha in Braila county


  • Design services for rehabilitation works on drainage infrastructure within administrative area of localities Prundu and Puieni, Giurgiu county

Soil erosion control

  • Use of European experience in soil erosion MIS-ETC 1591, financed by Common Operational Program Romania- Ukraine- Moldova Republic 2007-2013, 2nd call for projects, Priority 2 “Environment and prepare for emergency situations”- Study on soil erosion in Suceava county


  • Consolidation works on the buildings, rehabilitation and modernization of technological operating infrastructure of national meteorological network belonging to national Administration of Meteorology
  • Execution of technical and administrative headquarters of Autonomous Administration Imprimeria BNR
  • Headquarters and laboratories for Timisoara Environmental Protection Inspectorate


Informational systems for alarming in case of natural disasters:

  • WATMAN- Informational system for integrated water management
  • Development of the hydrological monitoring stations infrastructure within the automatic early warning system in case of floods and accidental pollution in Romania- DESWAT PROJECT


Oil site depollution

  • Services for elaborating the environmental studies, field investigations, design, documentations and obtaining permits / authorizations/ expertise reports for the activity of remediation/ depollution of soil and underground water within oil deposits and park reservoirs belonging to OMV Petrom


Permits and authorizations for water management

  • Elaboration of technical documents and obtain the water permit for 25 bridges located in Bucharest
  • Elaboration of technical documents for obtaining the Water management permit for bridges within Galati Railway area

Permits and environmental authorizations

  • Documentation for Environmental Permit for the investment “Construction of spillway from collector conduit C1B7 to Dambovita designed riverbed”
  • Report for obtaining the environmental permit for the project “Plan for prevention, protection and mitigation of flood effects in Jiu hydrographic basin”
  • Environmental studies, including adaptation to climate changes, for the project “Protection of flood effects in Babadag Locality, Tulcea conty”


  • Study for providing and processing DEM and geo-spatial data, risk and hazard maps for implementing the project “Prevention and protection against floods of upper basins of Prut and Siret rivers, by implementing a modern monitoring system with autonomous stations EAST AVVERT”, SMIS 966, within Common Operation Program Romania- Ukraine- Moldova 2007-2013”
  • WATMAN- Informational System for Integrated Water Management